Digital X-Rays

Get the Most Accurate View of Your Oral Health

At My Family Dentist, we utilize cutting-edge digital X-rays for precise and detailed imaging, enabling our skilled team to accurately diagnose and tailor treatments to your unique dental needs.


What are Digital X-Rays?

Unlike traditional X-rays that require film to produce the image, digital dental radiography uses digital X-ray sensors to create enhanced images. There are two main types of digital dental radiographs–-those taken inside the mouth and those taken outside. Of the two, intraoral is the most common type of dental X-rays. They help check the status of developing teeth, detect cavities, and monitor bone and tooth health. Extraoral X-rays help identify potential problems to the bone, teeth, and jaw, temporomandibular joints, and help monitor jaw development. The most common extraoral X-ray taken at our office is called a Panoramic X-ray, and is often taken to show a patient’s Wisdom Teeth.  

digital x-ray
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