Dental Crowns

Strengthen & Beautify

When your tooth is damaged beyond repair with a traditional dental filling, we use porcelain dental crowns to make your smile stronger and more beautiful. As an extremely reliable dental treatment, crowns can repair even the most severe oral health problems, including teeth that are broken, chipped, misshaped, discolored, or worn down. Crowns are also often used to seal teeth after root canal therapy.

What are dental crowns?

My Family Dentist provides robust and visually pleasing remedies through our dental crowns, offering a means to restore impaired teeth. Custom-crafted to precisely fit over damaged or decayed teeth, these dental crowns, often referred to as caps, grant fortification, safeguarding, and enhancement in appearance. Our adept team guarantees exact and comfortable fitting, employing top-notch materials that seamlessly match the color and contour of your natural teeth. With dental crowns, you can confidently reclaim the freedom to smile, secure in the knowledge that your teeth are meticulously revitalized and shielded, fostering enduring oral health benefits.

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